Welcome to Funky Monkey Tents ®- Putting the fun back into camping

Bored and uninspired by the mainstream range of camping tents then Funky Monkey Tents are here to break the mold and put some fun back into camping . Designed in the UK Funky Monkey’s Tent range is designed to stand out from the crowd ,be different and put a smile on peoples faces.

Constructed with a traditional A framed tent design they are sturdy and easy to erect , in fact the A frame design is so strong you don’t even need guy ropes which saves you even more time when setting up. Funky Monkey Tents are made from high quality materials and produced to high manufacturing standards our tents are made to last.

Funky Monkey Tents are produced in limited production runs so owning a Funky Monkey tent will mean you become part of an exclusive club. Each year only the 2 most popular designs will continue into a second year so the range will have something new to offer each and every year.

Finally I can find my tent in a sea of boring blue and green products. Thank you Funky Monkey for breaking the mold and giving us something fun.
Julie Brice